Daily Dose Cafe Wedding, Los Angeles Arts District

Ailecia + Dominique

I remember the exact moment Ailecia and Dominique contacted me for their wedding. I was walking my dog one late morning and I just remember sweating and being irritated by the heat. A notification popped up on my phone from them and I quickly read the email. All I remember is that they wanted to get married in a Downtown Los Angeles loft. I was super stoked and excited, even though the wedding would be months away from the initial email. Even though they never had a wedding at a Downtown LA loft, what they imagined for their wedding was even better.

The day started off at a cute Airbnb in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Everything about that home was hip and cute. From there, we moved to the wedding venue, Daily Dose Cafe, in the infamous Los Angeles Arts District. Even though Daily Dose Cafe is a quaint cafe perfect for Sunday brunches, they were easily able to transform the cafe to a family style wedding in an alleyway! That’s right, you heard me correct. An alleyway. Surrounded by their fashionable friends and family, these two got married, ate tacos, and danced the night away! What I love most about Ailecia and Dominique is that they started a life here in Los Angeles all of the way from Ohio. You know the saying “Ohio is for lovers”? Well, they might want to change that to “Los Angeles is for lovers”.

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