Here Are Stunning Photo Spots Outside Marvimon Venues!

If you reside in the Los Angeles area, you’re likely aware of the popularity of Marvimon wedding venues. Renowned for their perfect blend of urban, industrial aesthetics with lush greenery, these venues offer an exquisite balance that appeals to many couples. The unique charm of Marvimon venues ensures that virtually any corner serves as a picturesque backdrop for stunning photographs.

Making the Most of Your Wedding Photography

To ensure you capture the full essence of your wedding day, consider scheduling time to explore these nearby spots. The diverse landscapes and unique settings can add a fresh perspective to your wedding photos, complementing the distinctive beauty of Marvimon venues.

In summary, Marvimon wedding venues in Los Angeles provide an exceptional backdrop for a memorable wedding day. With their unique blend of industrial charm and natural beauty, combined with the nearby scenic spots, your wedding photos are bound to be nothing short of spectacular.

Why Hire Gene Kang to be Your Wedding Photographer for Marvimon Weddings?

As a preferred vendor for Marvimon for several years, I have had the privilege of photographing 5-10 weddings at Marvimon venues annually. This experience has allowed me to become intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of these unique spaces. My expertise extends beyond the indoor settings to include the perfect outdoor locations for capturing stunning wedding photos.

My deep understanding of Marvimon venues enables me to bring your vision to life, combining the industrial charm of downtown Los Angeles with lush greenery. My photography style seamlessly integrates these elements. By choosing me as your photographer, you will receive a collection of images that beautifully balance the urban vibe and natural beauty that Marvimon venues uniquely offer.

Grass Room DTLA

1) The first location is simply across the street from Grass Room DTLA. I saw this blue, retro Chevy parked outside and thought it might look cool to take some photos with the couple. I think the blue with some greenery behind the car gives the pictures some pop as well. For the second picture, I decided to move back a bit and incorporate the palm trees. Now we get the total Los Angeles feel!

Valentine DTLA

1) Valentine DTLA is literally the space right next to Grass Room, so the same compositions apply here as well. Here is a neat location that offers some classy black and white backdrops.



1) Millwick is the Marvimon venue that is closest to the Arts District. It’s literally across the street and there are so many places to shoot. The first location is the colorful graffiti that is across the street from the venue.


2) For this shoot, We spent about 20 minutes walking around Los Angeles Arts District during sunset. I really enjoyed the brown, green, and yellow in this composition, so I thought they would look cool and totally LA in front of this area.


3) We can’t forget about the 4th Street Bridge in the Arts District. This is the bridge to take photos on during sunset. It’s the perfect way to end the shoot.


4) I feel like this mural has been up here since I started wedding photography. I always come to this spot during engagement photos as well!


5) Sometimes, when the Arts District gets a bit quiet, I like to place my couples in the middle of the street in the Arts District.


6) Across the street from Millwick, there is a parking garage that has a roof that overlooks some buildings. It’s been closed a few times I’ve tried to get inside, so it’s hit or miss. When it is open, you have a vast parking space that hardly gets used.



1) Just 100 yards away from SmogShoppe, is this light pink wall that contrasts well with wedding attire. The pink wall offers the perfect opportunities for hip, Instagram-able photos.


3)Across the street from SmogShoppe is this nice white and black wall. It looks really classy when you have a traditional black wedding suit along with the bride’s white dress.


There are countless picturesque locations to capture stunning photos outside of Marvimon wedding venues on your special day. Whether it’s the vibrant urban backdrop, the charming alleyways, or the serene greenery nearby, the outdoor settings provide endless opportunities for breathtaking shots.

All I need is 10-15 minutes of your time to work my magic. With my experience and eye for detail, I can ensure that we utilize these beautiful outdoor spots to create unforgettable and enchanting images. These brief moments will result in a collection of photos that truly capture the essence and emotion of your wedding day, providing you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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