Lisa + Ian | Grass Room DTLA Wedding

What I’ve come to love most about Los Angeles wedding venues is how true it is to its city. Venues in this area often showcase elements like sleek lines, industrial accents, and expansive windows that offer breathtaking views of the city skyline. For couples looking for a contemporary yet cosmopolitan backdrop for their wedding day, these venues perfectly match the essence of downtown LA.

Grass Room, located in DTLA, mirrors the essence of the city in its design and ambiance. The venue seamlessly blends elements of nature with urban sophistication, paying homage to Los Angeles’ diverse landscape and culture.

Lisa and Ian wanted to keep their wedding at Grass Room really simple; all they desired were their closest friends and family, along with plenty of beer. The back patio at Grass Room offered the relaxed atmosphere that Lisa and Ian sought. If you’re seeking a wedding venue that exudes a laid-back vibe much like a big hangout, Grass Room in downtown Los Angeles might just be the ideal spot for you.

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