Hi, I’m Gene.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

When I’m not framing the perfect shot, you’ll likely spot me on the golf course or exploring LA’s coolest coffee shops.

After getting my degree in Political Science, I thought my path was set for law school. However, I could not picture myself down that path. I’ve always wanted to see if I had a creative side, but growing up, I never explored that side. So after I graduated I bought a camera and started taking street fashion photos on Fairfax Avenue. I got addicted to it and I started to get better at photography as well.

From taking photos of street fashion to capturing priceless moments of couples, my passion for photography was ignited. And once I had a taste of shooting my first wedding, I was hooked—there’s just something magical about capturing moments of pure love.

My journey with the camera started in 2016 and it has let me shoot over 200 weddings here in Southern California. I want your wedding day to be as stress-free as possible. You’re not just hiring me as your photographer, I am also your part-time coordinator and the person who ensures that every precious moment is documented. You deserve to soak in every second of your wedding without a worry in the world. So let’s team up and craft some unforgettable memories that’ll have you smiling.

My Signature Style

los angeles wedding photographer

Natural Light

Harnessing the magic of natural light is key. I’m constantly on the hunt for that perfect light to make your photographs come alive.  Don’t let your wedding photographer put you under dark shadows during sunset!

Beautiful Scenery

We’re truly blessed to call Southern California home, with its endless array of stunning locales for wedding and engagement shoots. I will help you find shooting locations for engagement and wedding shoots.

Candid Imagery

Candid photography is my aim—I am constantly shooting! I take about 3000 wedding photos every wedding because I do not want to miss a moment.

More Facts About Me

I love to golf! I’ve been golfing since I was 5 and still golf with my pops every week.

This is Juno. She’s an Australian Shepherd mix that’s almost 10 years old. She’s been with me since she was 8 weeks old. People still think she’s a puppy!

I love espresso and constantly try to find new coffee shops here in Los Angeles! Here is a quick clip of me making morning espresso.

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