Matt + Clara

Saturday morning engagement shoots have to be one of my favorite kind of shoots. First of all, every time I shoot in the morning, the place we’re at is never crowded. We actually had the whole beach to ourselves for the entire morning. This really puts them at ease and gave me a lot more creative freedom as well.  Also, morning shoots usually end up finishing around 8:30am, so you get to have the entire rest of the day to yourselves! I, particularly, enjoy finishing a morning shoot with an unnecessary amount of french toast and coffee. There are so many reasons to have a morning shoot!

For this shoot, we met up at the beach at around 7am. The clouds were starting to shift and the sky was completely blue and the water was blue as well when we began the session. We walked around the isolated beach and the entire time they couldn’t stop laughing and having fun. I’m so happy to have met these guys and I can’t wait capture them on their big day!

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