Hello there!

When I’m not looking through a camera lens, I prefer iced coffee over hot coffee. I think breakfast food is appropriate anytime of the day. I am a huge Lakers fan and have traveled to New York and Boston just to watch them. (They lost both games, so there’s that.) Even though I don’t travel as much as I want to, I love traveling and someday want to road trip the states with my dog. Speaking of my dog, her name is Juno! She loves fetch at the beach, playing with dogs that are twice her size, and taking up my entire bed.

Now a little something about my photography background. I graduated college with a degree in Political Science. After I graduated, I worked a few jobs I enjoyed, but the jobs did not fulfill the creative appetite I’ve always had as a kid. That all changed the day I decided to impulsively buy a professional full frame camera. After taking pictures of landscapes, friends, and family for a brief amount of time, a wedding photographer friend of mine gave me an opportunity to help assist a wedding. With over five years in the industry and 100+ weddings captured, taking pictures of people in love is what I was born to do.

Let’s be real. Unless you’re paid to stand in front of a camera, I think most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera lens! No worries, my goal isn’t to have you stand and pose in front of the camera like that stiff prom photo you took back in high school. My goal is to make you guys relaxed, laugh, and have a good time during the shoot!

If you like what you see and think we would be a good match, let’s FaceTime or grab some coffee to discuss more about your wedding day!